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Why choose Barcelona SEO?


Our Search Engine Optimisation techniques comply rigorously to Google Webmaster Tools guidelines, and we do not use any “Black Hat SEO”. Much of our time is spent researching the market and recognising current market trends, spotting changes and trying to keep up with a fast moving internet SEO world. We do not make any false promises, and offer realistic deadlines and solutions. And, more importantly, we stick to them.


The current financial climate means that everyone is cutting back on everything, but now could not be a better time to invest in your website with SEO. Here’s why:


Search Engine Optimisation and the value it can bring to your website is the most valuable marketing solution in terms of ROI  (Return on Investment). Forget e-mails, Press ads, mailing lists, this is the way to go. Who picks up the Yellow Pages nowadays?


Push vs Pull Marketing. Traditional marketing techniques involve you publishing an ad in a place where you hope it will be seen. SEO Keyword research can tell you the right kind of place you need your website to be seen, and furthermore, online Pay-Per-click advertising can target a very specific audience in a certain city or town and even at a certain time of day or night. You basically pull your visitors into your website, getting your message to the people you want to be visiting your site, at the right time.

Unlike other forms of advertising such as mass mailings, flyers, magazine ads, etc. Website traffic can be analysed and quickly modified depending on the results seen. You can verify which keywords are bringing the most visitors to the site, which landing page is working the best for your site, lower the bounce rate, and a lot more. We will work hand in hand to explain the statistics to you, and decide together what needs to be done to achieve our goals and maintain the business plan we set out.


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E-Marketing Barcelona

Flexability & Consultation

An original desired Goal for your company may change - we're here to help and asses.

Barcelona E-Marketing

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We use current methods and practices to ensure no penalisation.

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Real time Analysis

Monthly keyword positioning reports and analysis.